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How to Deal With Pet Suffering from Sarcoptic Mange?

December 26, 2014 1 comment

Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Sarcoptic mange is a common yet highly contagious skin disease found in dogs. Caused by the scabiei mites that burrow into the dog’s skin, this skin disease leave the pet with itchy and patchy skin coat. Hair fall, rashes and skin scabs are the common results of the disease. The scabs and hair fall are due to the excessive scratching. The disease is highly contagious and may spread to other pets and even humans. It is best treated when detected at an early stage by checking the common symptoms. Read more…

Summer Dog Skin Care Problems and Their Solutions

June 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Summer Skin Care Problems in Dogs

With summers approaching, most of us would be thrilled to have a great time outdoors. Pet parents wait for warmer weather for an outdoor exercise and play session with their furry pals. And the pets love to explore the grasses, beaches and open fields in this warm weather. However, there is a cause of concern here. Summers are synonymous to skin problems in dogs. Research suggests that the season itself breeds skin problems in millions of dogs in America. Read more…

Allergic Skin Disease – Second Most Health Problem in Dogs

May 26, 2014 1 comment

Allergic skin diseases are the second most common health problems in dogs, the first being flea and tick infestation. Dog’s skin and coat are susceptible to various external substances and end up being damaged due to itching, biting and licking by the pet. With numerous external and internal reasons, skin allergies in dogs are a subject of serious concern of the pet parents.

Excessive itching, coat biting, body licking, rashes, flaky skin, inflammation on the skin are some of the common signs of existence of allergic skin diseases in dogs. Skin irritation is commonly found on the dog’s paw, ears and stomach area. It can start from rashes to change of skin color in the areas where allergens are present. The condition irks the pet and makes him depressed and low-spirited. This calls for effective dog skin care by the pet parents.   Read more…

Top Reasons for Itchy Skin in Pets and Treatment

May 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Have you ever seen your dog itching vigorously or scratching? Wondering what is disturbing him. There are numerous reasons that cause itching and scratching in dogs. Due to this, they can even develop various types of skin conditions.

Moreover, with the change in seasons, pets develop certain seasonal allergies resulting into skin issues. Taking good care of pet skin conditions definitely help you stop your pet itching and scratching.  Read more…