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Ultimate Checklist Of Pet Supplies For New Puppy

May 20, 2016 Leave a comment

Bringing home that bundle of joy in the form of a pet is all what you like to have as a companion. However, just bringing home that new puppy does not finishes your job as a pet owner. Before your furry pal arrive the lovely home, you need to get ready with the bundle of pet supplies. In order to help you get the essential pet supplies, which are crucial for your pet overall development, here we bring in an exclusive array of different pet supplies. Check on this ultimate checklist of puppy supplies and find which are important for your pet and bring in the precise supplies according to your needs.

Items To Put On Your Puppy Supplies Check List

1. Basic Pet Supplies For Puppy

Before getting your pet, there are some basic pet supplies that you need to get first. These supplies are very much paramount as these items help in maintaining your pouch’s good health and help in their healthy growth and development.

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4 Ways to Restrain Your Puppy from Barking and Showing Aggression

March 28, 2016 1 comment

Discouraging Puppy Aggression during Playtime


According to American Dog Trainers Network it has been found that on an average 12 to 15 fatal dog bites happen per year in USA. Face, hand, and arms account for the most bite wound sites with 44000 facial injuries in a year. This goes to show that this is a habit which needs to be curbed from an early age in dogs. Hence, if you find that your puppy is showing the following traits then it is time to take him to a veterinarian immediately and get his behavior sorted out:

  • Aggression that is situational or stimulus-dependent rather than spontaneous
  • Long-drawn-out, deep growling
  • Preset stare
  • Stiff posture

Aggression in puppies can stem from fear, territoriality, conflict or pain. Let us now look at the different ways to discourage puppy aggression during playtime:

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Dogs Refusing To Pee In The Yard- Possible Reasons and Solutions

February 29, 2016 Leave a comment

Dogs Refusing To Pee In The Yard


Are you surprised? If yes then we assume that you have never had such a problem with your pooch. But, yes there are many owners that must be facing this problem with their pets. There are several reasons as to why dogs refuse to pee or poop in the yard. It is important that you figure out the right reason and that you don’t lose control and turn violent. Let’s see what could be the reasons for your pet’s potty denial!

Possible reasons:

  1. Your dog needs a run before he can poop.
  2. There is a lot of distraction in the yard, especially if you live in an apartment.
  3. He may be considering the yard as the house’s extension and is being careful not to soil your area.
  4. The surface of the yard is not favorable for your pet.
  5. He is insecure about his daily walk and thinks that if he pees or poops in the yard then he might lose his chance of going for a walk.
  6. Yard is new for him and he has always discarded in the open.
  7. There are distinct smells of other dogs that is making him uncomfortable.
  8. He needs a specific member of the family to do his business.

These are some possible reasons that might be restraining your pooch from relieving in the yard. The following are solutions that you may try to make your pets comfortable for potty and peeing in the yard:

  • You may use his urge to walk as a tool. Give him 5-10 minutes and when he finishes you can take him for a walk or run. Once he understands the pattern he may not have any issues in using the yard.
  • If you know that your dog needs some walk before then try not to force him. Make sure you walk him a little in the yard and then give the cue.
  • We all are busy and it may be frustrating for you to wait. However, this does not mean that you get frustrated and start threatening him. That may never help! Keep yourself composed.
  • If your tyke does not poop after 15 minutes of waiting then put him in the kennel outside. Also, try to analyze his diet on the previous day.
  • Use treats to make him follow the cue. Entice him with his favorite treats and just when he starts drooling give him the cue.

To conclude, you may need to understand your dog and expect accordingly. If your dog does not come around even after trying the above suggestions, then may be it’s time to give him his way.

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Why Do Dogs Lick Wounds

October 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Why Do Dogs Lick Wounds


“Should I let my dog lick his wounds?”

“Why does dog lick the wounds?”

“Is it ok for dogs to lick their own wounds?”

“Can a dog’s saliva heal his wounds?” Read more…

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Asthma in Pets: Treatment to Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Asthama in Pets

Rarely known but asthma is yet another chronic disease that most pets suffer from as humans do. This respiratory disease is usually found in dogs, and most commonly diagnosed in cats.

Depending on the conditions and severity, the symptoms of asthma varies including wheezing and difficulty in breathing. The other signs include coughing, an increased rate of respiration, exercise intolerance and restlessness and lethargy. In intense cases of asthma, a pet may not able to breathe properly through nose, so does breathing through mouth. This is because of the difficulty in oxygenating the blood. Read more…

Reasons For Dog Bites – Tips, Prevention and Warnings

June 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Dog bites are scary… They are painful… and yes they are disease causing. There are plenty of dog bite stories, which have dismayed us and left us with a dislike for the dog species. Statistics suggest that nearly 4.5 million people sustain dog bites every year in America. This shockingly huge number suggests an urgent need to understand dog behavior in order to avoid such unwelcome animal attacks. Once you know how to tame any dog’s mind, you can easily save yourself from something as horrifying as a dog bite.


Why does a dog bite?

There are various reasons for dog bites. Dogs are the finest companion animals of all times. They have a very warm personality but they also have a strikingly aggressive side. One should not trouble dogs or mess with them especially when the dog is in an aggressive mood. Read more…

Allergic Skin Disease – Second Most Health Problem in Dogs

May 26, 2014 1 comment

Allergic skin diseases are the second most common health problems in dogs, the first being flea and tick infestation. Dog’s skin and coat are susceptible to various external substances and end up being damaged due to itching, biting and licking by the pet. With numerous external and internal reasons, skin allergies in dogs are a subject of serious concern of the pet parents.

Excessive itching, coat biting, body licking, rashes, flaky skin, inflammation on the skin are some of the common signs of existence of allergic skin diseases in dogs. Skin irritation is commonly found on the dog’s paw, ears and stomach area. It can start from rashes to change of skin color in the areas where allergens are present. The condition irks the pet and makes him depressed and low-spirited. This calls for effective dog skin care by the pet parents.   Read more…