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Cats And Catnip – Why Your Cat Goes Crazy For Catnip?

October 27, 2016 Leave a comment

Cat Crazy for catnip

Have you ever come across any of these questions?

Why do cats love catnip? or why your cat loves to play around with catnip? or why they feel heightened when playing with catnip or strongly react to catnip? Definitely, you can watch some of the interesting feline antics when they are playing with the catnip.

Why Do Cats Go Crazy For Catnip?

Let us first find out what is catnip?

Catnip – scientifically known as Nepeta Cataria, is one of the 250 species of mint and has a leafy green appearance. The active oil – Nepetalactone in the herb can turn even the laziest bug into the most active furball. However, studies state that Catnip sensitivity is hereditary as an estimated 50 % of cats have no reaction. Moreover, cats do not react to catnip until they are between three to six months old.

Smelling or Eating Affects the Cat Most

With smelling, the most intense catnip experience starts thus it all begins with the nose. When your cat sniffs or whiff of the stuff, she definitely goes nuts. Research work also states that the main effect of catnip is on feline happy receptors in the brain. However, when eaten, it has opposite effect and your cat mellows out.


Not only on house cats, but catnip has effects on wild cats too. Lions, tigers, leopards also can react similarly to house cats when exposed to catnip.

If you are thinking that catnip is especially useful only for cats, then move on further to read. Catnip has the rich history for use in humans too as medicines. When consumed as an infusion or tea, it has a calming effect with a few health benefits. Humans have also used it from time to time to treat headache, nausea and toothaches.
Thus, catnip isn’t just for cats. With the sedative effects on humans, it is beneficial for both humans and felines.

How to keep it fresh?

Catnip does lose its potency over time, so to keep it fresh and long lasting, store it in the freezer in the airtight container.

With of its active beneficial effects, catnip is highly useful for felines that are far lazier or lack interest in playing with anything. Cat owners can bring catnip toys or catnip chewy sticks for cats to play and enjoy the activity stimulating their mental as well as physical well-being. Moreover, you can also find some of the branded and renowned cat health supplies products to boost the energy and health level of your felines. Browse the variety of other pet health and pet supplies options to protect her from parasites and maintain fitness of your cat for longer span.



4 Ways to Restrain Your Puppy from Barking and Showing Aggression

March 28, 2016 1 comment

Discouraging Puppy Aggression during Playtime


According to American Dog Trainers Network it has been found that on an average 12 to 15 fatal dog bites happen per year in USA. Face, hand, and arms account for the most bite wound sites with 44000 facial injuries in a year. This goes to show that this is a habit which needs to be curbed from an early age in dogs. Hence, if you find that your puppy is showing the following traits then it is time to take him to a veterinarian immediately and get his behavior sorted out:

  • Aggression that is situational or stimulus-dependent rather than spontaneous
  • Long-drawn-out, deep growling
  • Preset stare
  • Stiff posture

Aggression in puppies can stem from fear, territoriality, conflict or pain. Let us now look at the different ways to discourage puppy aggression during playtime:

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Why my Dog is suffering from Travel Sickness?

November 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Pets with travel sickness

You love to travel around in a car and want that your pooch too enjoy. But, at times you must have come across situations when your dog starts vomiting or feels nausea when you take him for a long journey. Do you? This is motion sickness, which is common in some dogs. Just in a few car rides, you find that your pup’s motion sickness kicked in.   Read more…

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

June 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Does your dog bark continuously when you leave for work, or when you return home you’re shocked to find your furry friend has strewed things all over the house or has torn open your most favorite shoes. You may be wondering what’s happening with your lovable pet when you are away. It’s separation anxiety which most dogs suffer from.

Canines with separation anxiety become upset, destructive, bark continuously, eliminate the house, and exhibit distress and behavior problems. It is quite painful to see your pet pal in this condition. With little changes in your routine and communication with your four-legged companion, you can definitely ease separation anxiety in your pet. Read more…

Reasons For Dog Bites – Tips, Prevention and Warnings

June 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Dog bites are scary… They are painful… and yes they are disease causing. There are plenty of dog bite stories, which have dismayed us and left us with a dislike for the dog species. Statistics suggest that nearly 4.5 million people sustain dog bites every year in America. This shockingly huge number suggests an urgent need to understand dog behavior in order to avoid such unwelcome animal attacks. Once you know how to tame any dog’s mind, you can easily save yourself from something as horrifying as a dog bite.


Why does a dog bite?

There are various reasons for dog bites. Dogs are the finest companion animals of all times. They have a very warm personality but they also have a strikingly aggressive side. One should not trouble dogs or mess with them especially when the dog is in an aggressive mood. Read more…