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Our new ‘Ask Our Vet’ feature lets you ask any pet-related health questions that you may have.

Every month we give away $100 to the person that asks the ‘Question of the Month’, which we choose based on the originality and usefulness of the question.  We publish the winning question as well as a full comprehensive answer on our BudgetPetCare as well as this blog.

You can see a list of all the winners over at our website at :

If you have a question that you’d like answering by our in-house veterinarian, then please feel free to submit it at at our website (link above).  Please remember to read our terms and conditions of use.


Previous Winners


July 2010

Question of the month

Question of the month

Gail Zupancic asked us:
Shiloh is a medium sized Lab Mix. Only problem is the pads on his feet are so rough it hurts to play with him or when he jumps or even paws you when he wants something. Can anything help? I tried very fine sandpaper, emery board, cream, vaseline… nothing works?
Read our vet’s answer

June 2010

Question of the month

Question of the month

Rene Chassaigne asked us:
Took my dogs to the vet today to get them ready to go to Hawaii in December. My Vet reccomended I get their heart worm test and switch them to Revolution. I know this website doesnt offer Revolution, but what is your professional opinion on flea and tick medication. In the picture I am enclosing with this question, Groovy-Doo is my fawn colored boxer and Petro is my white colored boxer.
Read our vet’s answer

May 2010

Question of the month

Question of the month

Judy Thompson asked us:
A rep from frontline told me that you could use a small dog supply and and divide it 3 ways to use on three cats. He said it would not hurt and be less expensive and we could keep all our cats protected. Is this true and what size would I use to get the right amount. These cats are inside cats.
Read our vet’s answer

April 2010

Question of the month

Question of the month

Cheril Guillen asked us:
I have been taking my dog to the vets for dry skin and she is allergic to fleas. They gave her a shot, and gave me so cream (amimax) some cephalexin for infection.  I used as directed, and now her skin is really dry and scaley. They told me to either put fish oil in her food, or get a fish based food.  I did i bought some EVO herring and salmon, I have been giving her a bath in oatmeal shampoo with conditioner.  They also told me to give her benadaryal for itching, but she still itches, and her skin is still flakey, is there any kind of oil I can use to put on her to make her skin to stop the flakeyness? I feel sorry for her all she does is itch.
Read our vet’s answer

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