4 Motions Of Massage That Heal Your Pet

4 Motions Of Massage That Heal Your Pet

Canine massage is highly effective in imparting therapeutic results to dogs. It uses physical maneuver to use the hand movements on the pet’s body in a certain way that assists in relieving muscle tension and elevating blood circulation. Appropriate massage techniques have been known to offer sundry physical and emotional healing effects.

These may include:
• Increased oxygen flow to the joints and other body parts that stimulates the healing process.
• Provides relaxation of mind
• Improves digestion
• Smoothens flexed muscles
• Stimulates happy hormones
• Reduces blood pressure
• Calms anxiety in dogs
• Alleviates depression
• Eliminates boredom and irritation due to stress
• Smoothens muscle and joint movements

Massage is certainly very beneficial but you must know the right way to press the points or areas that will increase the blood flow. So, let’s check the massage strokes that will help your dog to heal more quickly.

Best Massage Strokes For Dogs


It is a massaging technique that uses the entire palm with the fingers closed. This closed palm must be moved in a slow gliding movement covering the entire body of the dog. Effleurage is a great technique to bathe the tissues with warm blood and lymph fluids which imparts a relaxing sensation all over the body. Do it in the beginning and the end of the massage session to give maximum effect. This kind of massage helps in relieving stress.


Petrissage uses a thumb and two to three fingers folded inwards to form small half-circles. Press, knead and twist gently and continuously with your hands to relieve knots and adhesions causing soreness and pain. Petrissage is like a deep tissue massage that improves circulation and releases tension from the underlying tissues. It is very beneficial in dogs that have arthritis.


A pumping motion is followed to relieve muscle spasms and elevate the blood flow in the underlying fibrous tissues. Compression must be performed very carefully. If done right, compression relaxes the body and mind. It is the best technique to perform on your dog after a strenuous physical activity to relax his flexed muscles.

Passive Touch

Passive Touch is not exactly a type of massage but is a warm-up technique to get the blood circulating through the tissues. It is characterized by simple placement of both the hand on the pet’s body for few minutes before starting with the gentle strokes. This technique also helps the pet to accustom to the person’s touch.

Sore muscles are extremely painful and a setback for an otherwise energetic dog. Therefore, massage must be given to your dog to make him run on his paws vivaciously. It is invigorating and rejuvenating for a distressed dog. So, why not do it regularly. You can also include supplements in his diet along with weekly massage sessions to relieve pain from the joints and muscles more quickly. Well, don’t forget to follow these top techniques though. They have proven to be great stress-busters for the furry companions.



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