Important Reasons To Know About Panting And Shaking In The Dog

Important Reasons To Know About Panting And Shaking In The Dog

If you have a pet dog, then you must have seen, it is panting. Sometimes, even more, it is shaking. These unwanted symptoms do not only occur in dogs but also occur in cats. Pet owner just neglects these symptoms. They think that it is common in dogs or cats and thus they do not take this seriously. Believe or not if you do not take it seriously, it may affect your pet health. Let’s see the topmost and most important reasons why the dog is panting and shaking:

Suffering From Heat:

Dog feels uncomfortable when it faces the heat. Direct sun raises coming on the body of the dog harm the skin. Thus, the dog is panting and shaking. Keep your dog in cool place, and providing it water to drink if needed.


One of the reasons for the dog panting and shaking is the fever. This fever occurs due to some of the infections like the viral infection, fungal infection, bacterial infection and more. Thus, depending on these infections you may see the other symptoms in the dog.

Kidney Disease:

Kidney disease, such as chronic kidney disease or renal failure is the symptoms that stay for a long time. Dog parent will see that the dog will drink water many times and urinate frequently than the routine. This leads the dog to shaking or panting and so it needs a kidney disease treatment.


If your dog has pale gums, and shaking and panting, this kind of symptoms may point to specific internal injury. Your dog feels very weak and further it may cause more complications if the proper treatment is not given.

Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia:

Your dog is continually shaking and panting because of low blood sugar. It is not a serious problem and can be cured by simple remedies available at home. Even after this simple treatment, if you didn’t see the improvement in your dog’s health, you should take the help of a vet.

Food Poisoning:

Dog sometimes eats such a food which is toxic. And sometimes pet owner even not aware of this. This toxic food may cause several reactions. With panting and shaking dog may vomit and hence you need to give proper medicine to your dog.


Sometimes dog feels stress and fear and due to this may experience panting and shaking. A dog behaves abnormally when it has fear of something. The loud noise of fireworks and crackers are the things using which dog may be anxiety for dog. The dog may run or sit quietly in one of the corners.

The above are the critical reasons why your dog is panting and shaking. Some of the reasons are normal and can be solved with home remedies, but on the other hand, some of the conditions cannot be solved by home remedies. These conditions can be solved by giving your pet a proper treatment of disease. Identify above symptoms, and avoid painting or shaking in the pet.


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