Make Your Canine Baby Look Healthy And Shiny !!

Make Your Canine Baby Look Healthy And Shiny !!


Canines also require regular grooming. The condition of your pet’s coat is a good indicator of whether he or she is in good health or not. Lustrous and healthy coat indicates the good health and vitality of the pet . Seasonal shedding is very common among pets. Because hairs are under constant environmental stress, they continuously shed.

Don’t despair! Shedding is a natural process. This sensitivity can cause dry, flaky skin, hot spots and a dull coat. Below are some hacks for maintaining your pet’s skin and coat health throughout the summer and all year long

1. Vitamin And Nutrition for Dogs

dog food diet

It is a prime factor behind the status of skin and coat .Pets not fed with proper nutrition seems to lack lustre. Dog and cat hair is mostly made up of protein. Nutritional supplements can help a lot in this. Vitamin A is necessary for cell production and maintenance, and vitamin E is an antioxidant.

Give your pet nutrients that promote healthy skin and shiny thick coats. Supplements that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids will improve pet’s skin and coat, plus it helps to reduce flakiness, itchiness and shedding.

2. Brushing And Cleaning for Dogs

dog dental care and cleaning

Brushing is very necessary if you own a long haired pooch , they love to lie down and roam around in wooded and grassy areas.

A healthy coat moves keep pets cool in summer. On the other hand, it fluffs up in the winter, keeping pets warm. A healthy coat also prevents dog smell, cat dandruff and mats. Brushing helps removal of dirt and bugs from the coats, plus it spreads natural oils, promotes hair growth, and helps pets look their best.

3. Proper Bathing of Doggy

proper bathing of doggy

Some pets are repellant to water sometimes; especially pugs. Proper bathing removes the oil and dirt in a proper manner, just brushing cannot do it alone. How often should you bathe your dog depends on how dirty his coat becomes or when he develops that doggy odor.

Dog’s love to lie down and enjoy in muddy places and their matted furs tell you now it’s bathing time.

Follow these simple tips for your pet’s well being. Give them your time and kind care. Spend some fun time with your pet by keeping him clean, odor-free, and healthy!



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