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Did Your Cat Choose You! How Does A Cat Choose Its Owner?

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Cats Select Their Owners: Validity of this Statement

There was a research conducted by some cat behaviorists in our country wherein a cat was kept in a room filled with several people. Quite a few were cat lovers while others were not. The surprising finding was that the feline made overtures to non-cat people. The interesting part is that she rubbed her body against their legs, which when you interpret in the cat’s language means a sign of possession and fondness. Furthermore, she even raised on the lap of the non-cat lover. So how exactly do cats choose their owners? There are cats that develop liking for people that provide their basic requirements.

Cat Selects Their Owner

Unlike dogs who can sometimes develop destructive behavior when not given proper attention, felines like to remain confined in solitary. It is important to note that cats do not need to be in touch with humans for their existence. There are stray cats that manage to survive in warehouses, farms, and uninhabited buildings on their own. These animals hunt mice and rat to survive. They are known for their independent and aloof nature.

But it is important to note that these felines never consider themselves to be owned. Unlike a dog, cats do not need masters. They are pretty choosy in terms of whom they would like to bond with and so it is very difficult to create a great bond between a cat and its human but once the difficult part is over she is forever yours. This peculiar feature makes certain people feel proud of the fact that cats have chosen them as their owner.

Although a lot of research has been conducted on this wonderful animal there are certain behaviors and actions of cats that still make humans puzzled. One example of that is the way cats choose their owners. Researchers have found that when you give more attention to cats they become intimidated. Hence, they tend to ignore the cat lovers.

How Does A Cat Choose Its Owner

In a family, the cat might be loved by all the family members, but she builds a close bond with a particular person because of the bond created between her and the person. It has been researched and found that cats choose their owners on the basis of their voice, demeanor or the way he/she speaks with her.

There is no relevant reason for the cat to bond with a specific person and to consider him as her owner. Even though you might love the furry pal it is advised not to give lots of affection to her because that will only make her away from you in the long run. If you want the cat to consider you as her owner then spend some time with her and never smoother her or follow her this will ensure that she considers you to be her most favorite person.

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5 Nutrients That Are Essential For Your Dog

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Good nutrition is very important for your doggy as it enhance the pets quality and quantity of life. It is essential that you maintain  your furry pals health as well as their response to disease and injury. As a dog owner you should have the knowledge what are your pet’s need to stay healthy and happy. A healthy diet is one that contains all the necessary nutrients to support your doggy’s body function. Here are the six nutrients that are your dog required everyday as follows:

Nutrients That Are Essential For Your Dog


There are many functions performed by protein and which are very essential in growth, maintenance, reproduction and repair of damaged tissues. Protein is important part of your  pet’s diet, as it the building blocks for life. Protein come in different qualities that is animal protein which are high in quality and vegetable which are low in quality.


Fats are an important energy source which is also required for various body functions. Fatty acid, a specific type of fat that is really essential for your dogs health particularly for the skin and coat. It also plays a role in regulating the body’s inflammatory response.


This is another important source of energy for your furry pal. There is minimum required of carbohydrates in dog but is as essential too, as it provides a valuable source of fibre and energy, it also helps keep the intestinal tract healthy.

Vitamins And Minerals:

Vitamins are important to help your pet process bio-chemicals. Minerals are important for nerve conduction, proteins, fats and carbohydrates which are necessary for your pet’s energy.


This is most important nutrition your furry pal requires. If your own a puppy he requires more water than the adult dog. As adult dog’s body is of 60% and even higher in puppies that is 84%. If your Fido do not consume proper quantity of water it will cause serious problems in him.

Note: Before purchasing the dogs food, make sure that you check the ingredients and quantity of them on the food pack. Ensure to buy the food that is made according to your pet’s age. Look for high quality and branded food products.