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How Parasites and Fleas Harm Your Family and Your Pets?

April 22, 2016 Leave a comment

It is a sense of great pride and joy to have pets. Playing with pets and harboring the great moments with them is a thing to treasure for lifetime. But, as pet owner you always know in order to savor these beautiful phases, you need to be on your heels to safeguard your cutie fur members from different parasites. You must already be well aware of the most common parasites that adversely affect the health of your furry animals, and it always become your daunting job to keep them away from your pets.

How Parasites and Fleas Harm Your Family and Your Pets?

Speaking of some of the most common parasites, let us find here how they negatively affect our lovable companions along with having an indirect harmful effect on humans.

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6 Things That Will Assist You Select The Best Cat Food For Your Feline

April 8, 2016 Leave a comment

Cats are carnivores animals, hence; their food habits are quite different than other animals and even human beings. In fact, cats enjoy eating lots of meat from which they get protein and fat. If human beings ate the same food as cats from birth, we would get heart disease by the time we reach 20 years.

Even dog food is not good for cats since it is loaded with carbohydrates, which felines cannot digest easily. So how will you determine which is the best food for your cat? The very first thing that needs to be understood is that there is no single diet that can be labeled as best for every cat.

Best Cat Food Diet

Since each and every cat is different it becomes very difficult to select the cat food that is best for your feline. But there is nothing to worry as there can be certain specifics that can assist you in selecting the best cat food for your feline:

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