First Aid Tips For Burns- Let’s Learn & Not Make Pets Suffer Due To Ignorance

Apparently there are no entrance tests for pet parenting and many of the guardians may not be aware of the first aid steps for burns or may simply panic. Burns could be quite painful and they damage several skin layers at once. Our pets are at a constant risk of getting burnt with all the substances we use such as electricity, burners, fireplaces, candles, chemicals, etc.  We don’t want our pets suffer because of our ignorance, right? So let’s learn what to do when a dog or cat get burns!

Pet Burn Tips and Treatment

First aid tips for burns

Before we begin, it is important to understand that it may take time for visible signs to surface in mild burns. However in severe burning accidents you may be able to see the signs such as redness, blood, peeled skin etc. which may frighten you. Thus the first tip would be:

  • To stay calm. Don’t let your fear enact as haste may ruin things and harm your furry companion.
  • Cool the affected area immediately. Running cold water may be the ideal first step. If the affected area is his paw that cannot be lift and put under running water then immerse it in cold water or use a cool compress.
  • After washing it through water, apply the cool pack to the affected area for at least 5 minutes.
  • Keep applying cool compress to the burnt area for some time. Examine the wound and if it is minimal then apply some ointment and wrap your pet in a blanket if it is comfortable.
  • If the wound is deeper and several skin layers are burnt then veterinary assistance is a must. Transport your pet to your vet’s comfortably.

Taking your pet to the vet may be a bit difficult as the accident would affect mentally too. However it is your calm that may be the most important. So keep calm and soothe your pet! Happy parenting!


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