Dogs Refusing To Pee In The Yard- Possible Reasons and Solutions

Dogs Refusing To Pee In The Yard- Possible Reasons and Solutions

Dogs Refusing To Pee In The Yard

Are you surprised? If yes then we assume that you have never had such a problem with your pooch. But, yes there are many owners that must be facing this problem with their pets. There are several reasons as to why dogs refuse to pee or poop in the yard. It is important that you figure out the right reason and that you don’t lose control and turn violent. Let’s see what could be the reasons for your pet’s potty denial!

Possible reasons:

  1. Your dog needs a run before he can poop.
  2. There is a lot of distraction in the yard, especially if you live in an apartment.
  3. He may be considering the yard as the house’s extension and is being careful not to soil your area.
  4. The surface of the yard is not favorable for your pet.
  5. He is insecure about his daily walk and thinks that if he pees or poops in the yard then he might lose his chance of going for a walk.
  6. Yard is new for him and he has always discarded in the open.
  7. There are distinct smells of other dogs that is making him uncomfortable.
  8. He needs a specific member of the family to do his business.

These are some possible reasons that might be restraining your pooch from relieving in the yard. The following are solutions that you may try to make your pets comfortable for potty and peeing in the yard:

  • You may use his urge to walk as a tool. Give him 5-10 minutes and when he finishes you can take him for a walk or run. Once he understands the pattern he may not have any issues in using the yard.
  • If you know that your dog needs some walk before then try not to force him. Make sure you walk him a little in the yard and then give the cue.
  • We all are busy and it may be frustrating for you to wait. However, this does not mean that you get frustrated and start threatening him. That may never help! Keep yourself composed.
  • If your tyke does not poop after 15 minutes of waiting then put him in the kennel outside. Also, try to analyze his diet on the previous day.
  • Use treats to make him follow the cue. Entice him with his favorite treats and just when he starts drooling give him the cue.

To conclude, you may need to understand your dog and expect accordingly. If your dog does not come around even after trying the above suggestions, then may be it’s time to give him his way.



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