Effectiveness Of Frontline Spray For Dogs

Effectiveness Of Frontline Spray For Dogs

Is your pooch scratching terribly this summer? This may be the signal of him being infected with fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are at the apex of their multiplication process in the summers with the favorable heat and humidity. Saving their darling pooches from the terror of these parasites remains their primary concern during summers. Undoubtedly, there are a number of effective flea treatments prevalent in the market today. The only and may be a constant dilemma for pet parents is to select the best of products to use for their furry friends.

Effectiveness Of Frontline Spray For Dogs

Merial is one of the most trusted and an advanced manufacturer for animal health care. And, Frontline Spray for dogs is one of their best innovations to fight fleas and ticks. This flea control has been working effectively since its launch, keeping the pets free from fleas and ticks all around the world.

Let’s check the potency of Frontline spray!

How Frontline Spray stand by its efficacy?

Frontline spray targets fleas and ticks both, unlike other sprays prevailing in the market. With its usage on your furry friends, they may be completely parasite free within 48 hours of its application.

If you are a resident of a tick prone area, Frontline spray for dogs may turn out to be the most trusted parasite control. Its potential to fight all 4 kinds of fleas, which includes lone star ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks and most importantly, the deer ticks (carrier of Lyme disease). So, in a single spray, your furry pal is absolutely shielded from the probability of lethal Lyme disease.

Though pet parents find sprays unreliable, Frontline Spray is absolutely may not be among them. This parasitic control combats against the pests for a whole month. Thus, your adorable pooch may live the month in his complete health.

Frontline Plus Spray For Cats

Different sprays available in the market may be not water lasting. Frontline Spray for dogs is entirely waterproof and it is alright if you wash your pets after 48 hours of spraying. This treatment does not lose its efficacy in water, which makes it a suitable for ongoing summer splashes.

The most interesting fact about Frontline Spray is that the manufacturers have tested it safe for pups just 2 days old. Though the vets recommend it to apply after 8 weeks of age, but in severe cases of flea infestation in puppies, you may consider using this pest preventive after consulting your vet.

In all, Frontline Spray for dogs may be a great option for furry friends that do not prefer topical solutions. Easy to use, this treatment may be the best way to protect your pawed buddies from external parasites and sarcoptic mange infestation all through the summer. Have a healthy holiday!


2 thoughts on “Effectiveness Of Frontline Spray For Dogs

  1. Frontline spray provides a long-lasting, very effective control of fleas and ticks residing on your pet. It has worked effectively for my dogs.

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