Capstar – Fastest Treatment for Killing Adult Fleas in Cats and Dogs

Fleas are an absolute problem for pet parents. These blood-sucking pests keep troubling their beloved pet and often cause diseases. These diseases may turn fatal in case of hypersensitive pets. Thus, flea treatment is a must for all the pets. Owners living in a flea-infested area should choose a treatment that gives quick results in a short span of time. This halts the infestation largely. Capstar for cats and Capstar for dogs is one such short-term treatment that destroys adult fleas within just few hours.

Capstar – Fastest Treatment for Killing Adult Fleas in Cats and Dogs

Capstar tablet initiates the flea killing process within just 30 minutes. Records prove that it is very fast in destroying adult fleas. In dogs, it takes just four hours to curb 90% of adult fleas while in cats it takes six hours to eliminate 90% adult fleas. This speed makes Capstar the fastest treatment for killing adult fleas in cats and dogs.

However, it is a short-term treatment that works for a small period only. If you still find new fleas then you can re-administer Capstar tablets with a dosage of one tablet per day. One tablet is enough to work continuously for 24 hours. The tablet would increase the flea movement causing excessive itching to the pet. Do not worry, as the itching problem will reduce within few hours.

Capstar contains Nitenpyram as the active ingredient. This insecticide kills fleas by intruding the central nervous system of the parasite. It blocks neural transmissions resulting in rapid death of the pests. This way, the tablet gives instant relief from fleas. As it gives flea relief for a brief period, one needs to follow it with a long-term flea control and management treatment.

Capstar – an easy to fit treatment for flea management

Ask a Vet to choose a long-term flea treatment for your pet. Capstar will destroy adult fleas but a major part of these parasites live in juvenile forms. Thus, you need to combine the tablet with other flea treatment that kills egg, larvae and pupae. This way, use Capstar tablet as part of your pet’s flea management program and not as a complete flea treatment.


To sum up, use Capstar if the pet has become a prey of heavy flea infestation. Club it with other long-term treatment. Follow your vet’s advice on this and make your pet relieved of fleas within the shortest possible time!



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