Winters and Pets – Care and Concerns

Winters and Pets – Care and Concerns

Winter care for the pets is a demanding task. The chilly weather affects humans and animals alike. The freezing effect of the snow season is not tolerable by the otherwise warm animals. Pet parents need to take additional care of their furry kids to combat the stress of this cold environment. The best way to deal with the low temperatures is to keep the pet indoors. It becomes far more important if the pet is young. Therefore, your pups and pussies need to stay within home to avoid the chill.

Winter care and concerns for cats and dogs:

Just like humans face problems in this chilly weather, our furry pals also go through the seasonal atrocities. Our pet’s fur still needs some additional care to keep that warmth in winters. Let us glance through the primary form of winter care for pets.

Keep the fur on: Many a times, we trim down the fur from our pet’s body. As fur keeps the pet warm, we need not do this cosmetic change at this time of the year. Do not use the trimmer for your long breed of dog! Buy a sweater or coat for your pup having a short coat. The coat should cover his entire torso, a high collared one or turtleneck will serve the purpose.

Do not leave the pet in the car: Cars become freezing cold in winters. Leaving your pet alone in a closed car is equivalent to keeping him in a refrigerator. This is certainly not tolerable for our four-legged friend. Certain casualties like this have resulted in the death of the animal. So, make sure you do not leave your pet in a locked car.

Food for the warmth: If your pet is an outgoing one and loves to spend time outdoors then he needs additional food supply to remain warm. Give your pet a protein rich diet to protect his fur in the winter season. This holds true for pet parents of service dogs, Seeing Eye dogs and any pet that craves to remain outdoors.

Clean up his legs and stomach: Walking on the snow damages the paws of cats and dogs. So, either keep them indoors or wipe off their legs once they come inside the house. Make sure that you wipe off the paws, ears and stomach of the pet when he enters the house. This prevents any chances of damage caused by spending time in the snow.

Keep away the antifreeze: Antifreeze proves lethal poison for pets. If there is any spillage of toxic solutions like antifreeze, garage oils etc. then make sure you clean it off before your curious pet licks it. Ask a Vet about natural substitutes for antifreeze so that your daily home keeping things do not cause any harm to the pet.

Apart from all this, do not leave your pet without leash. Winters are the times when most of the pets are lost in the snow. So, keep your pet on leash and do not forget to keep ids on his collar. The id must have pet’s name and your contact details. In addition, make your home a warm place to stay in. The pet’s sleeping area should be cozy enough to make him feel the warmth. All these techniques will help you take the best care of your pet in winters. Try them!

Winter care is essential to keep pets healthy and warm. Here are some techniques that have worked wonders in keeping pets disease-free and safe in winters.



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