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How to Deal With Pet Suffering from Sarcoptic Mange?

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Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Sarcoptic mange is a common yet highly contagious skin disease found in dogs. Caused by the scabiei mites that burrow into the dog’s skin, this skin disease leave the pet with itchy and patchy skin coat. Hair fall, rashes and skin scabs are the common results of the disease. The scabs and hair fall are due to the excessive scratching. The disease is highly contagious and may spread to other pets and even humans. It is best treated when detected at an early stage by checking the common symptoms.

What are the symptoms of sarcoptic mange in dogs?

  • Excessive itching
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Crusty skin on the affected area
  • Hair loss due to scratching

What are the major causes of sarcoptic mange in dogs?

The foremost reason for sarcoptic mange is exposure to already infected animals. This contagious disease spreads from one dog to another like wild fire. It is found more in poorly maintained dogs especially in kennels and shelters. The mite hops from one animal to another resulting in the spread of the disease. It needs to be diagnosed and the infected pups need to be treated at the earliest.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The treatment starts with a complete diagnosis. If the puppy is not suffering from allergy, bacterial infections or other skin infections then there are chances of the presence of mites. Mites are microorganisms that burrow the pet’s skin leaving them diseased. The best treatment involves oral medicines, topical scabicidal shampoos and lifestyle changes.

Ask a vet and give scabicidal oral medicines to the pet. It should be administered as per the vet’s advice. The drug will destroy the itch mite. In certain cases, the pet needs a dip in the scabicidal shampoos containing ivermectin, selamectin etc as the active ingredients. If the dog’s condition is severe then it needs a weekly dip that should be continued for at least six consecutive weeks.

As the mites live between two to six weeks, continuous treatment for six weeks is enough for recovery. Apart from the treatment, it is important to maintain hygiene in the pet’s surroundings. If one has more than one pet then treat them all to prevent the spread of the disease. Also, improve your pet’s immune system so that he can combat such diseases.

Make changes in his feeding schedule to fulfill his nutritional needs. If he has a separate bed then its good otherwise arrange for one. Frequently wash the beddings and sitting area with disinfectants. Last but not the least; give oodles of love and care to your pet. That will pace up the recovery process. A little patience and care will work wonder to bring your pet out of this problem.

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