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Top Ten Flea and Tick FAQs

October 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Flea and Tick FAQs

When it comes to fleas and ticks, many pet owners have lot of questions in their mind related to these external parasites. Some try to get information from other pet parents, some share problems of fleas and ticks on their pets with friends and relatives, while others keep wondering what to do about these fleas and ticks. There are many sources available online, where you can easily find answers for all your flea and tick queries, but there is always a doubt whether you are fed with right information or not. Read more…


How To Clean Your Cat’s Wounds? Tips and Suggestions

October 27, 2014 1 comment

Cat Wound Care

What do you do when your furry ball of joy gets hurt? Pets especially kittens and cats get hurt quite easily. It is their nature to play, hop and bounce around the place that makes them vulnerable to cuts, punctures and wounds. It is important to get a first hand attention on cat wounds or else the situation may get worse. Every pet parent must keep a first aid kit to sort out the routine health conditions of their pet. Read more…

K9 Advantix II – Reviews And Concerns

October 14, 2014 Leave a comment

k9 Advantix II Reviews

K9 Advantix II for dogs is a powerful parasite treatment that prevents, kills and controls multiple parasites including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, lice and insects. The potent topical spot-on treatment is to be used on a monthly basis. It is ideal for pets that resist tablets and syrups. Formulated for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs, this highly effective parasite treatment destroys 98 to 100% adult fleas and ticks within 12 hours of application.

Being a step ahead of K9 Advantix, this scientific formulation also eliminates immature stages of fleas and ticks including eggs, larvae and pupae. This way, it slashes parasite population by a huge margin. It is an absolute method of controlling the current pests as well as preventing their future infestations. The obvious benefits of using this treatment are reduction in itching, fur loss, restlessness, fever and other types of dermatitis that trouble dogs. Read more…

Why Do Dogs Lick Wounds

October 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Why Do Dogs Lick Wounds


“Should I let my dog lick his wounds?”

“Why does dog lick the wounds?”

“Is it ok for dogs to lick their own wounds?”

“Can a dog’s saliva heal his wounds?” Read more…