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Asthma in Pets: Treatment To Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

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Asthama in Pets

Rarely known but asthma is yet another chronic disease that most pets suffer from as humans do. This respiratory disease is usually found in dogs, and most commonly diagnosed in cats.

Depending on the conditions and severity, the symptoms of asthma varies including wheezing and difficulty in breathing. The other signs include coughing, an increased rate of respiration, exercise intolerance and restlessness and lethargy. In intense cases of asthma, a pet may not able to breathe properly through nose, so does breathing through mouth. This is because of the difficulty in oxygenating the blood.

Some pets are more prone to asthma environmental factors such as dusty or moldy homes, as well as second hand cigarette smoke can also active asthma attacks.

Whenever you find such symptoms in your furry friend, your vet would be at the best help. Your vet will make a thorough study of your pet’s medical history with asthma-like symptoms. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the underlying factors and causes that triggers asthma in your pet.

However, for pets with respiratory tract diseases vets take complete medical checkup. Your vet may also include testing for heartworms as well as intestinal parasites that can also be cause for coughing. With chest x-ray test, your vet will confirm for any other underlying respiratory conditions responsible for such breathing problems.

Once your pet is diagnosed with asthma, your vet will further carry on treatment procedures according to the severity of the condition.

Treatment for Asthma

For asthma, the treatment normally involves in eradicating or correcting the environmental factors as well as providing medications to help relieve symptoms. Your vet will recommend the most common medications that include products such as Theophylline that dilute the airways, and other medicine like corticosteroids to reduce pain and inflammation. Along with these, secondary medication including antibiotics is also given to your pet in order to fight bacterial infections.

In several cases, when pets suffer from extreme respiratory problems due to asthma attack, at veterinary office, oxygen therapy may be given to stabilize the condition, bringing them to normal state. Additionally, many veterinarians are using special type of veterinary inhalers as a supplement or an alternative to drug therapy when treating asthmatic pets in a long run.

Proper diagnostic protocols and précised medical therapy instituted in earlier stage can help in managing asthma in a long-term for pet.

Your pet health is primary and it’s crucial to take proper care for any of the ailments he is suffering from. Asthma though seems rare but has significant health effect leading your pet to worst conditions. Thence, providing proper care in advance and taking your pooch to a vet for effective treatment can save him from any dangerous health conditions.

Starting today work out to help your pet stay healthy and fight against asthma.


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