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Yoga for Dogs – A Rage in the Pet Care World!

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Yoga for Dogs

Joining yoga classes for dogs is an excellent way to distress your pet. Doga (Yoga for dogs) is the latest sensation that is scientifically proved to give good results in keeping the pets healthy. Pets can now stretch their muscles and feel relaxed. These classes are cropping up across the globe. The idea is almost ten years old but it has become popular now. Many trainers take classes in which the pets and their owners perform yoga together.

Importance of Yoga for dogs:

Quality time: It is a good way through which busy pet parents can spend quality time with their furry children. It is an ideal relaxation time for both. This way the parent can pamper their pup and both can have a great time together.

Game time: Many a times, pet parents use their pup as a prop. For pets, it feels like a game and the session turns out to be a playful activity. Both of them enjoy this time and still get the benefits of yoga.

Activity time: Doga is very good for elderly pets who suffer from joint problems, as it is a light form of exercise. Moreover, the trainer makes the pet perform gentle stretches, which is rejuvenating for the pet’s muscles and joints.

Stress free pets: We all know that pets feel stress, anxiety and phobias. Doga actually helps them relieve stress from their system. Many pet parents say that Doga has actually changed the behavior of the pet, as he seems happier now. So, if your pet is under stress then Doga is one of the key solutions.

Why should you take your dog for Doga?

The reasons are already mentioned but the best thing about Doga is that if your pet goes through mood swings or has any physical ailment then Doga will help him. It should be practiced in consultation with the Vet so that the pet gets maximum benefit without any hassles.

It is good for any age group of dog. If you have a puppy, an adult dog, or an aging dog, Yoga for dogs will serve all. Puppies would just love it and adult as well as aging pets will get relief from body pains or joint disorders. It helps in improving dog’s health and fitness in longer span.

This is one exercise elderly people can enjoy the most. They can have a good time of light exercise in the company of their pets. Even Alzheimer patients can practice this, as their service pet will always be there to help them.

Moreover, the pets will feel energized as yoga ensures the flow of subtle life force in the practitioner. So, whoever practices it will spruce up. If your dog is not yet into Yoga and you have a Doga class nearby then just enroll now to have a tranquil time with your cute pet. What say?

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