Ear Mites: An Analog To Provide The Best Treatment

Ear Mites in Dogs

Do you experience foul smell when your pet comes near you? Or a dark brown messy thing is coming out of your pooch’s ear? Is your furry friend constantly scratching his ears?

Don’t be surprised to know that he is suffering from ear mites.

Ear Mites – A Brief Snippet

Apart from flea and tick, ear mites can be a painful and irritating problem in pets. This can lead to serious infection, which if not dealt timely can lead to severe complications. Ear mites are tiny creatures that dwell in the surface of the ears and multiply when not treated. Ear mite infection is highly transferrable and can be transmitted to other pets by humans who carry the mite from an infected pet to those uninfected ones or from direct contact of pets.

A Quick Note on Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny infectious organisms that harm pet ears. These creatures multiply easily in the pet’s ear due to humidity and less air circulation. Animal ear is a breeding ground for ear mites.

Important facts about ear mites

  • Ear mites are tiny microscopic ticks and are white in color.
  • They usually attack ears of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
  • Male and female ear mites differ from each other because of the way their legs look.
  • They are responsible for 90% ear mite infection.

Life Cycle of the Mite

Life cycle of ear mites consist of several stages. Find how it transforms from one stage to another.

  • An individual mite has a life cycle of about 4 weeks.
  • Female mites are ready to reproduce at about 3 weeks of age.
  • Female mites lay eggs then they incubate for four days before they hatch.
  • Eggs hatch after 3rd or 4th day.
  • The larvae then hatch from the eggs.
  • Feeding on earwax or skin oils of its host ears, larvae molt into a protonymph.
  • This again molts what is called as a deutonymph.
  • Gender is established at this stage.
  • The entire cycle from eggs to adulthood takes about three weeks to occur.
  • Adult mites then lives for another two months.

Symptoms That Prevail Due To Ear Mites

Through different signs and symptoms, you can learn that your furry friend suffers from ear mite infection.

Some of the major symptoms that come fore are

  • Itching
  • Extreme shaking of the head
  • Sores that bleeds
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Dark discharge from the ears that look like coffee grounds
  • Inflammation

Seeing these symptoms, it’s necessary that you start treatment. Nevertheless, wait! Never start any treatment without proper knowledge. Talk to your vet and find out whether you are providing the accurate treatment or not.

A pet vet will identify the mites through lighted otoscope technique that magnifies the mites. If the veterinarian is not able to detect mites with this method, he will go one-step further by taking out the earwax for examination under a microscope. After confirming, he will recommend for treatment according to the intensity of the infection.

Treatment of ear mites in dogs

With the evolution of new products in the market, there are numerous dog ear mites medical treatments available in the market. These products act as good dog ear cleansing solution apart from killing ear mites. These medications also clear out excess earwax. Regular cleaning and proper treatment can save your pooch from the drastic ear conditions.

For more information on ear mites and about their treatment, you can avail our ‘Ask a Vet’ free online service. Do share your doubts with us.



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