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A Guide to Do Things When Your Cat Is Pregnant

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What to Do if your Cat Becomes Pregnant

If you’re surprised or amazed just to the news that your cat is pregnant, then know that cats can become pregnant at four months of age. Not having desexed or spayed your feline friend, there are 100% chances that your cat can become a ‘Queen’ (a pregnant cat).

Normally, vets recommend spaying or desexing female cats in order to avoid the problem of over-population and then ending up the poor animals into a slaughterhouse. Nevertheless, if your cat has become pregnant, the decision all rests to you whether you want to help her deliver the babies or do not want the kittens.

If you are prepared to help her with newborn kittens, here is a brief guide that would definitely help you with your cat’s pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy

When your cat is pregnant her behavior is little bit changed and this you can make out from the signs she is showing. Normally, gestation period in felines is 63-68 days. During the first few weeks, normal weight gain is noticed.

After 20 days, fetal heartbeats are noticeable and your vet can experience the presence of kittens. Be careful that you do not touch your cat’s tummy as you may harm your pet.

Certain changes occur in cats and here are a few signs of pregnancy, which you can notice in your furry feline.

  • Morning sickness
  • Abdominal weight gain
  • Nipples become pink and enlarged
  • Starts showing nesting behavior to make a comfortable place for birthing
  • Eats like a pig – appetite increases
  • Cat becomes more communicative and affectionate than before.

During Pregnancy

When your cat is pregnant and is confirmed by a vet then you need to take special care of your furry cat. Overall from diet to giving her extra space is what all you have to do for her. Here are major things that you need to take care of.


During pregnancy, felines need extra nutrients and calories. Ensure that you provide quality food to your feline. This is the stage when your cat eats more. So, make sure that you feed her more meals whenever she needs. Finding her meal bowl empty, fill it up.

Medical Checkup

To check for the proper growth of fetus, take your cat to a vet. As your vet’s advice, arrange for pregnancy medical checkups such that your cat delivers healthy kittens without undergoing any complications.

In case, your feline queen is suffering from any chronic disease or any other complication, ask your vet to provide her treatment accordingly.


At home for a pregnant cat, provide comfortable bedding. Keep home environment serene avoiding lots of noise. Also, keep your home free from insects such as fleas and ticks to prevent infestation in your cat.

Preventive Treatments

If your pet is on any preventive treatments including deworming, flea and tick prevention, ask your vet whether to continue or stop the treatment until the gestation period. Certain deworming treatments can be given during pregnant stage.

Important things to Remember

  • During pregnancy, if your cat starts acting crazy or purring loudly, she may be experiencing heat cycle.
  • When your cat is pregnant, avoid giving her vaccinations, preventive treatments or deworming as per your vet’s advice.
  • When a cat is pregnant, you may notice behavioral changes such as she becomes more cozy, affectionate and caring or she may become moody and can even scratch you if you try to touch her. Don’t take these signs as anxiety disorder.
  • Never fondle or poke your cat’s tummy when she is pregnant. This may cause miscarriage, stillbirth or other serious complications for your kittens.
  • If you do not want your cat to carry the pregnancy, better seek veterinarians help to remove the pregnancy. This can be safe and done more easily in the early stages. After certain period of pregnancy, it would be rather difficult.

Taking care of your feline friend in her pregnancy is not an easy job. You have to create a comfortable environment, and provide certain things. Apart from this, take care of her, so that your feline queen is healthy during gestation period and delivers kittens without any complications.

In our next blog, we will discuss about the important things that you need to take care of your queen during labor. Until then stay connected with us to learn more about pet parenting.

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