Reasons Why Cats Vomit

Why Your Cat Is Vomiting

Just like you, your feline friend does experience vomiting sometimes. But, luckily that does not mean that your pet has a serious problem. Most times, this condition arises due to different reasons, which may be not known to you. Therefore, it is essential that you should know the possible reasons due to which your furry feline may have vomiting.

Find here why your furry kitty vomits:

  • Food allergies

There are certain food items that may not go well with felines or may be your cute kitty is vulnerable to specific food ingredient. In such cases, she may suffer from vomiting. Therefore, you should be proactive about which food items suits your pet and which not.

  • Eating too much too quickly

Some cats are always in a hurry to finish off their meals. In a quest to eat a lot, they just gulp food too quickly without proper chewing and this creates a problem. This can cause stomach bloating, vomiting and irritation leading to sickness. If this happens with your cat, try feeding your cat regular, light and smaller meals. Moreover, take care to choose the high-quality food for your lovely kitty.

  • Motion sickness

Motion sickness is again a common thing that most cats experience especially the small kittens. Motion sickness causes vomiting and nausea like conditions. If you have to take your furry feline on a journey, start with small drives. This will help you recognize whether your cat has motion sickness or not. When on long journeys, you can be prepared in advance. It is better to avoid feeding them prior to your journey and cover their carrier with towel, this will help to avoid complicated situation along with motion sickness.

  • Sudden diet changes

Some pet parents make sudden diet changes without knowing the fact that this may induce vomiting in their feline friends. Sudden change in diet can upset the stomach and can make your pet sick. If you are thinking to switch your kitty from dry food to wet food or want to change her diet plan, do it gradually.

  • Medication

Some cats may be allergic to certain medications when they are induced or treated with them. This leads to vomiting or even worst situations. If you find that, your pet is allergic to any ingredient present in medicine, it’s better to talk to your vet and find the alternative.

  • Hairballs

Hairballs are common condition in felines. And, when a cat suffers from it, vomiting is quite a simple way to expel them. Eating grass is the general way that cats do to bring up a hairball.

  • Worms

Sometimes intestinal worms may also be responsible for cat to vomit out. If your cat is suffering from intestinal worm infection, you may notice your cat vomiting up worms. On seeing worms in your cat’s vomit, it would be better to start deworming medicine as soon as possible. After treating with wormers also, your cat may vomit. So, don’t worry. If situation worsens, you can take your furry feline to a vet.

  • Poisonous Substances

Certain things like toxic plants, some kind of toxic ingredients in paints, cleaning agents, some human medications, weed killer, fertilizers, coffee and several other poisonous substances that are found around the house, normally can cause vomiting in felines. So, it is better to keep these things out of reach of your pets.

Sometimes accidental over dosage of medications can also make cat vomit.

  • Intestinal or Gastric Problem

Constipation, fungal disease, gastritis, colitis, Enteritis, tumors, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, obstruction and ulcers are some of the gastric and intestinal problems due to which your cat may vomits.

In such situations, taking your cat to vet is the only option.

  • Infections

Certain infections like Salmonella, abcess, pyometra are common cause for vomiting in felines.

  • Metabolic diseases

Feline Hyperthyroidism, Hormone Imbalance, Kidney disease, Pancreatitis, Sepsis, Diabetes, Liver disease, and Acidosis are certain diseases that are responsible for your cat to vomit.

Other Causes

Other causes such as Feline Urinary Syndrome and Heat Stroke are responsible for vomiting in felines.

These are the most common reasons why cat’s vomit. If you can avoid conditions responsible for vomiting, you can avoid vomiting in your pet. When not sure what is causing your poor furry feline to vomit you should take your pet to a vet. This can prevent further health complications in your kitty.



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