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Asthma in Pets: Treatment To Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Asthama in Pets

Rarely known but asthma is yet another chronic disease that most pets suffer from as humans do. This respiratory disease is usually found in dogs, and most commonly diagnosed in cats.

Depending on the conditions and severity, the symptoms of asthma varies including wheezing and difficulty in breathing. The other signs include coughing, an increased rate of respiration, exercise intolerance and restlessness and lethargy. In intense cases of asthma, a pet may not able to breathe properly through nose, so does breathing through mouth. This is because of the difficulty in oxygenating the blood. Read more…


Yoga for Dogs – A Rage in the Pet Care World!

September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Yoga for Dogs

Joining yoga classes for dogs is an excellent way to distress your pet. Doga (Yoga for dogs) is the latest sensation that is scientifically proved to give good results in keeping the pets healthy. Pets can now stretch their muscles and feel relaxed. These classes are cropping up across the globe. The idea is almost ten years old but it has become popular now. Many trainers take classes in which the pets and their owners perform yoga together. Read more…

Ear Mites: An Analog To Provide The Best Treatment

September 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Ear Mites in Dogs

Do you experience foul smell when your pet comes near you? Or a dark brown messy thing is coming out of your pooch’s ear? Is your furry friend constantly scratching his ears?

Don’t be surprised to know that he is suffering from ear mites. Read more…

A Guide to Do Things When Your Cat Is Pregnant

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment

What to Do if your Cat Becomes Pregnant

If you’re surprised or amazed just to the news that your cat is pregnant, then know that cats can become pregnant at four months of age. Not having desexed or spayed your feline friend, there are 100% chances that your cat can become a ‘Queen’ (a pregnant cat).

Normally, vets recommend spaying or desexing female cats in order to avoid the problem of over-population and then ending up the poor animals into a slaughterhouse. Nevertheless, if your cat has become pregnant, the decision all rests to you whether you want to help her deliver the babies or do not want the kittens. Read more…

Reasons Why Cats Vomit

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Why Your Cat Is Vomiting

Just like you, your feline friend does experience vomiting sometimes. But, luckily that does not mean that your pet has a serious problem. Most times, this condition arises due to different reasons, which may be not known to you. Therefore, it is essential that you should know the possible reasons due to which your furry feline may have vomiting. Read more…