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Moving Overseas With Pets – Basic Guideline to Follow


Relocating to a different land may be your dream come true or a milestone achieved. You may be happy to move, but transferring from your location is a bit complicated process especially when you are planning to shift with your four-legged companion.

Advance planning, learning the rules and regulations for animals about that country, travelling with pets and their safety, all these you need to consider meticulously when transferring to different nation. To help you ease your stress when considering relocating overseas with your pet, check here the few tips and basic guidelines.

Learn About the Rules of That Location

Transferring to a different land and planning to take your pet along with you, then there’s lots to consider. Firstly, whenever travelling to a foreign country, it’s crucial that you find what are the rules and regulations of that country related to pets.

For example,

In Dubai dogs are not permitted in public parks and beaches and you need to take permission from the owner wherever you are staying to keep your furry friend.

In Japan, dogs and cats need to be micro chipped along with compulsory rabies vaccination.

Vaccination requirements also vary nation to nation. Find out from foreign embassy or consulates about the particular country’s rules where you are about to relocate. Find out exactly what vaccination your dog or cat requires before boarding.

Visit a VET

Exploring a new location is a great joy for your pet also, but at the same time his health is utmost important for you. Going to a new place having a different climatic condition, your pooch may react differently or can be infected easily due to unknown reasons. So, it is better to be prepared in advance.

Before travelling, take your pooch or kitty to your family vet. Ask for total health check up. Enquire with your vet whether he needs any vaccination as travelling to distant land. Also, clarify with your vet where you are travelling to and what precautions and care you need to take care of for your furry friend health. Take in advance additional basic cough and cold, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting preventive medications for your furry dog.

Moreover, Google out a veterinary office or animal care service in that place where you are moving in case you need help in emergency.

Find an Airline that Allows Pets

When you are planning to take your lovable companion to a foreign land, before booking for flight tickets find whether your airline allows pets or not. There are many airlines that don’t allow pet animals or transport them and those who allow require a booking process for your pet in advance. So, never think that it’s easy to just be at airport with your pet and board on the flight with your pooch without any hassle.

Furthermore, whenever you are booking a flight, choose for the direct flight to avoid additional hurdles on stopovers during plane transfers. Also, check for weather conditions, as cargo holds are not well maintained as it’s in the cabin. Avoid travelling during extreme weather conditions like extreme summers or extreme winters or during snowfall or rainfall.

Select the Perfect Crate for your Pet

During traveling, it’s crucial that your pooch or kitty gets a proper crate, which is safe provided with sufficient food and water, when it’s long distance journeys. Check that the carrier you may choose is not so cramped or uncomfortable that your dog feels restless. Ask for the carrier that is big enough for your dog to sleep leisurely, and enough space to get up and move around. If you find that the carrier provided for your pet is not proper, you can ask your flight service to provide you a big and cozy crate according to the size of your pet. Normally, big sizes come with additional charges.

Some airlines offer rental crates also, which you can opt for if you’re not looking to buy one. If you’re serious about buying then enquire in advance what size your airlines will allow.

Few Tips to Remember

For most pets, travelling creates anxiety and it’s frightening for them. This happens as they encounter new sights, sounds, and new faces. Your unconditional love and care can surely eases the anxiety.

Well, four-legged companions love their pet parents. Thus, they can be ready to face the extremities to be with their human companions and definitely travelling with them is worth.

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