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Basic FAQs For Your Pet Massage Treatment

Pet Massage Treatment

Massage is an excellent therapy and treatment that every dog and cat enjoys.  Adorned with love and care, pet massage is a great tool that improves the total body strength and makes muscles strong. During a massage session, your pet will love the way he is pampered and the extra attention given to him. Making pets relax while easing their stiff body, massage is an effective treatment for arthritic pets also. Though in the beginning pets may behave differently but with time they get accustomed with the procedure and slowly love to be pampered.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that most of the pet parents usually have when they are looking to provide massage therapy to their pets or want to give massage to their furry friends as a surprise.

Does My Pet Gain Benefits From Pet Massage?

Yes! Definitely pet massage helps your pet to relax and feel good. In a long run, the process strengthens bones as well as muscles.  Moreover, it is highly beneficial for dogs and cats that are undergoing arthritic pet care.

Which Other Pets Can Benefit From Pet Massage?

  • Pets with old injuries, genetic abnormalities or chronic conditions that make pets limp or move awkwardly.
  • Arthritic dogs and cats, and senior pooches and cats and other animals having joint injury or mobility problems benefit greatly from pet massage.
  • Animals recovering from a recent injury, surgery or illness.
  • Pets with low rate of blood circulation.
  • Show animals that need to be relaxed after a tedious show.
  • Army dogs which are always working on the fields.
  • Agility competitors before and after competition.
  • Pets that have been restricted to a confined place due to boarding or recovery process.
  • Pets distressed before or after vet visits, grooming sessions or long traveling through car or plane.

Isn’t Petting Enough For My Animal Instead Of Massage?

Petting is an essential part of your relationship with your dog or a cat. Petting does not take the place of pet massage. Petting is just for commitment, enjoyment and communication. On the other hand, massage is a focused and specialized form of therapeutic treatment with massage procedure at specific points and utilizing movements and pressure at certain specific points.

A trained practitioner is well acquainted with the anatomy, physiology, psychology and kinesiology (that strengthens and conditions muscles). With the consistent massage therapy, your pet shows drastic improvement in his wellness, which is not possible through petting.

Will My Dog or Cat Becomes Fussy If I Give Him/her Massage

This is usually a wrong perception that most pet parents have. Rather than becoming fussy, your pet will love the massage session greatly. They would enjoy those small and long strokes, adorned with your love.

Since, every pet is unique there must be different reactions. Some animals would fall asleep while some may feel more energetic. Whatever they may experience, they would certainly gain a good health.

Sometimes, during the first massage session, your pet may become overwhelmed, which is common. Undergoing few sessions, he will readily agree and will love to enjoy the soothing strokes.

Is Pet Massage Beneficial To All Animals?

Massage is helpful for the overall health of an animal. It hugely addresses various health issues and boosts recovery process. It prevents chronic problems, maintains good health and enhances recuperation. Due to its variety of techniques, a specialized and customized massage treatment plan can be devised, which can incredibly suit the needs of a particular pet.

Since non-invasive method, animals need not have to suffer from pain or surgery wounds. And, almost all dogs, cats and other pets benefit from this, without the need to take any medications.

Massage wonderfully relieves pain, eases stress, soothes muscles and relieves stiffness, as well as helps to boost healing process for a variety of illnesses in a pet.

Some of the benefits pets gain is as follows:

  • Improving comfort and quality of life for seniors
  • Easing animals with behavioral problems related to emotional trauma or physical ailments
  • Helpful in growing and socialization of young pups and kitties
  • Faster recovery in army and athletic animals
  • Even for your normal pet, massage is an effective key to maintain his physical and mental health.

What If My Dog Would Not Be Ready For Massage?

This is the most common and provocative question that most pet parents ask. They usually have a concern whether their pet would sit still for massage and would their pet get proper massage for what they are paying.

Normally, expert vet therapists are well trained and experienced to handle any kind of dog or cat. Before starting the session, the professional will learn all details about your pet including his medical history, behavior, food habits and any other problem that your pet may be facing. During first session, your pet may react negatively, which the therapist can handle strategically.

How Often Should My Pet Get Massage?

Each animal is different with unique body structure, health, lifestyle and environment where they reside. Considering all these factors a customized massage plan is scheduled. An arthritic pet or the pet having chronic pain and mobility issues greatly benefit from a massage twice or thrice a week. And, for your normal dog or a cat, massaging once or twice a month can greatly benefit.

If I Have An Arthritic Pet, How Does Massage Help My Pet?

A therapeutic massage relaxes stiffness, soothes hurting joints, improves blood circulation, increases and maintains flexibility, enhances range of motion and keeps joints lubricated and improves mobility. Along with vet care, medications, exercise and nutrition, massage plays a pivotal role in aiding pets having joint issues. Massage helps to decrease the impact of joint disease and assuages the pain.

Does Massage Benefits Only When A Pet Has An Ailment, Injury Or Chronic Pain?

This is just a myth. Without any condition or ailment, a regular massage session has a great impact on the health of your pet. It is an excellent opportunity to protect your pet from future chronic joint pains along with improving his quality of life. Therefore, it’s not necessary that your dog or cat should have a health issue in order to undergo massage therapy.

Is It True That Only Senior Pets Benefit From Massage?

No! This is one more myth. All age animals benefit from massage therapy. Whether you have a pup or a kitty, a dog or a cat, or a senior pooch or a queen, they all can benefit equally from massage therapy. In fact, massage can boosts bone strength in young ones and maintains skeletal system in senior animals.

Do I Need To Spend Huge Amount On Massage Therapy?

Your furry friend’s health is incomparable to any amount of money. When your lovable companion stays healthy with a good quality life, what more do you want. Mostly massage therapy prices are based on the condition of your pet and what type of session and how many sessions does he need. But, they are not so costly compared to the pain and trauma your pet may undergo due to health condition.

When My Pet Should Not Have Massage?

Massage can be given to any pet until and unless a veterinarian has restricted it. It is better to seek advice from your veterinarian before commencing massage therapy on your pet.

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