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Cat Brushing – Why and How for Proper Skin Care

July 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Cats – are those little notorious critters that are always seen in the act of self-grooming. You make bathe your cat but do you know what she requires apart from a good bath. Your feline friend requires a regular brushing for shiny coat and healthy skin.

Cat brushing is as important as feeding her a healthy diet or administering a flea and tick preventive. Your touching not only makes her comfortable, but creates a special bonding between you and your furry friend. Brushing boosts the circulation of blood and improves your cat’s skin health. It even removes dead skin and hair.

Learn here the essentials of cat brushing and how regularly you need to groom your kitty.

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Enhance Cat’s coat and skin health

Before commencing on brushing, meticulously check the condition of your kitty’s coat and skin. Check for the presence of any fleas and ticks. There shouldn’t be any bald patches and her skin should be free from wound or cut. If you find any open lesion or cut, never think of brushing. If your cat’s hair is healthy, it will be shining and just spring back as you move around your hand. Read more…


Which Different Vaccines Your Puppy Needs

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Which Different Vaccines Your Puppy Needs

Brought home a pup or a cuddly puppy found outside – well that’s sure fills your heart with great joy and happiness. If this is your first pup then remember there are several things that may bring anxiety to you. Taking care of a little puppy is a great responsibility. There are numerous aspects that you need to consider and vaccination is the most crucial among all. Here you can find which vaccination you need to administer to you new furry friend and what are the things related to vaccines you have to take care of.

Multivalent Vaccines

A common vaccine is available to fight some diseases. Instead injecting your pup with six different vaccinations – DHLPPCv can work single handedly.

  • D stands for Distemper Virus – it’s a contagious viral infection, which has no treatment only vaccination is the way to prevent it.
  • H stands for Hepatitis – like humans, it mainly attacks liver and is caused by two related viruses.
  • L stands for Leptospiroris – it badly infects a puppy’s kidneys. Humans, dogs, pigs, cows and other mammals are no exceptions.
  • P stands for Parainfluenza – a contagious disease, which can cause upper respiratory infections in puppies.
  • P stands for Parvovirus – this virus can cause fatal conditions normally affecting the lining of intestinal tract.
  • Cv stands for Coronavirus – comes from the group of Parvovirus, this virus badly affects intestinal tract but is not considered fatal.

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Diarrhea in Pets: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

July 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Diarrhea in Pets

When your pet’s stomach suffers from some infection, it shows up with that watery substance coming out constantly. Frequent loose or liquid bowel movement is usually a sign of diarrhea in pets. A simple change or an intestinal infection leads to this condition where an animal loses most of the water. It can last for a few weeks or two a month.

Diarrhea can happen in a sudden outburst or short in duration. Lasting for a few weeks, it can even continue for a month off and on. A one-time burst of diarrhea is not to fear so much but if it continues for two to three days, it leads to dehydration. Read more…