How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Does your dog bark continuously when you leave for work, or when you return home you’re shocked to find your furry friend has strewed things all over the house or has torn open your most favorite shoes. You may be wondering what’s happening with your lovable pet when you are away. It’s separation anxiety which most dogs suffer from.

Canines with separation anxiety become upset, destructive, bark continuously, eliminate the house, and exhibit distress and behavior problems. It is quite painful to see your pet pal in this condition. With little changes in your routine and communication with your four-legged companion, you can definitely ease separation anxiety in your pet.

Take your dog for a walk before leaving for work

Start your day taking your dog for a walk. Add some exercise in this walking session in order to make him relax later on. Reaching home after a walk, treat your pooch with food and water that greatly calms him down. If your dog needs rest after a walk, let him do so. This helps to keep your furry friend remain quiet while you are away for work.

Cut off Talk and Touch

Make little changes in your behavior like no talk, touch and eye contact, before you leave for a day or arrive from work. This will help your pet pal to understand that staying alone or time apart is no big issue. It’s just a routine business. Practice this rule for five minutes to an hour according to the severity the problem.

Before you leave, habituate to say GOODBYE long back

If you find it difficult to follow the above practice, take a moment to share your love and affection telling your dog you will miss him a long back before you really leave. Remember, this gesture is just for you not for your pooch, as his feelings won’t be hurt if you didn’t say goodbye.

Stay cool and calm

Project yourself as a great personality and pet parent by staying cool and calm before leaving for the day. Don’t feel guilty, nervous and over concerned about leaving your pet pal home alone. Show confidence to your pooch that everything is fine when you are away. This can greatly ease separation anxiety problem in canines.

Small Sessions of Separation

To start with, leave your dog alone for five minutes to be followed with 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Then slowly increase the timings to an hour and reach up to 8 hours. This way you can leave for the day without any issues arising with your dog.

Have you successfully overruled separation anxiety issue with your dog? Do share with us in comment box how have you made this happen. This can add up to help other pet partners.


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