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Summer Dog Skin Care Problems and Their Solutions

Summer Skin Care Problems in Dogs

With summers approaching, most of us would be thrilled to have a great time outdoors. Pet parents wait for warmer weather for an outdoor exercise and play session with their furry pals. And the pets love to explore the grasses, beaches and open fields in this warm weather. However, there is a cause of concern here. Summers are synonymous to skin problems in dogs. Research suggests that the season itself breeds skin problems in millions of dogs in America.

What are the summer skin problems in dogs?

Flea and tick infestations: Summer is considered as the season of fleas. This is the time when the annoying pests come out of hibernation and hop on the furry hosts. The dog’s skin is the ‘entry gate’ for exoparasites. Flea infestation leads to itching, scratching and licking of the skin. Excessive skin irritation leads to diseases in the infected pet. Fleas are a reason for several dog diseases and allergies, including FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis) and Hot Spots.

Solution: The best way to rule out fleas is to treat your pet with topical treatments like Frontline Plus. You can also use natural dips or go for oral treatments like Capstar. Consult a veterinarian before starting any of these flea and tick treatments.

Flea allergy dermatitis: It is an allergic reaction caused by the pet’s hypersensitivity towards the antigens present in the flea’s saliva. The painful fleabites cause itching and inflammation of the dog’s skin. To deal with the irritation, dogs bite, lick and scratch the skin. Bacteria and fungus infect the place of fleabites and worsens the skin condition. It also gives rise to unpleasant odor in dogs.

Solution: Treat the pet under a veterinarian’s guidance. The basic treatment involves killing and preventing fleas. Advantage, Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, Capstar for dogs are some of the treatments that reduce FAD. Collars to prevent and repel fleas are also a good solution.

Hot Spots: The term signifies spots found on the pet’s body during the hot weather. It is a result of constant itching, licking, scratching and chewing of the skin by the dog. It looks like a bald spot that can be a wet or a raw lesion on the dog’s coat. These spots are prone to infections and thus need to be treated at the earliest.

Solution: Topical antibiotics are the best treatment for hot spots. One must clean the spot with a gentle dog skin cleanser and then apply an antibiotic cream. Apply at frequent hours initially and then reduce the frequency when the wound heals.

Sun burns: Yes! Dogs also get sunburns just like their human counter parts. The areas that get easily affected by sunburn are nose, eyelids, region around the mouth, ear tips and under belly area.

Solution: Make sure the pet needs to spend more time in shed. Keep him hydrated by giving lots of water to drink. You can also apply ice on the skin and allow the pet to remain in water for some time. If the burns are more then, visit a veterinarian.

Heat exhaustion: Summers can take a toll on the pets. To combat it, they may start panting excessively. Their eyes may turn red and skin may develop bacterial and fungal allergies.

Solution: To make the pet feel comfortable in summers keep them in a cool environment. Walk or exercise them in cooler times of morning and evening. Keep them hydrated with water. Do not keep them alone in a locked car, as it can be fatal. Give them a bath or make them swim. If they are not water friendly then wet their paws for gentle cooling effect.

To sum up, summers are harsh on dogs. We need to take extra care of our pets in these exhausting times. Apart from taking basic care through home remedies, Veterinarian guidance is the best solution. So, brace up to make this summer an enjoyable one for your pet.

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