Can Dogs Catch Cat Worms?

Can Dogs Catch Cat Worms

Different types of worms can infect dogs at any stage of his life. These worms affect their health and even worse can cause severe diseases. Many times, pet parents think that by keeping their dogs indoors or away from other dogs, their pet can be safe from worms. However, this is just a myth, if you have a cat in your house or wandering in the neighborhood then your dog is vulnerable to worm infection. 

As most common worms in dogs can infect cats, in the same way your dog is more likely to suffer from worm infection through cats. You can find that cats living in the neighborhood can run over the fences and move around easily. Moreover, they can leave hidden faces that you may miss, whereas your dog can find it quickly.

A cat with worm infection can quickly contaminate your property or any area that your dog moves around. Even if your dog stays indoors, when you take him out to potty, he can easily get the germs from the ground, which has been contaminated by an infected cat. Intestinal worms can easily spread through numerous ways. They can only be controlled and killed by Dewormer for Dogs.

Different worms are transferred through varied ways. Fleas and contaminated feces spread tapeworms. An infected cat may drop fleas on the ground and your dog, which passes through the same spot, can pick those fleas that are carrying tapeworms. Furthermore, your dog eats or is exposed to feces from an infected cat with tapeworms, he will be more likely to catch tapeworms.

Compared to tapeworms, hookworms transmit easily from animal to animal. Dogs and cats, both can catch hookworms through their pads, and then contaminate the soil through their feces. When a healthy pet comes in contact with this soil, he can be easily infested with hookworms. Three species of hookworms infect dogs. These hookworms survive in the soil, even if you have removed any infected feces. Your dog can easily be infected of hookworms by feeding and walking on or laying on contaminated dirt or grass.

Contrarily, heartworms are not transmitted in a similar way as the other worms. Mosquitoes are the carriers of this infection. If a mosquito bites an infected dog or cat, and then bites your dog, heartworms getting injected into your dog’s body unless he is on heartworm prevention. If any dog or cat is infected with heartworms in your neighborhood, your dog can easily get this worm, as mosquitoes can easily transfer heartworms from an infected dog or cat to your dog.

A single wandering cat is a host and carrier of different worms and can easily spread worms from one dog to another, even if the dogs are not in direct contact or they are kept indoors.

Thus, it is better that we protect our dogs before they are infected with worms through unknown ways. Dog worm treatments are quite beneficial as they protect your pet from intestinal worm infection. When given on a monthly basis, your dog remains healthy and do not suffer from future infestation.


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