Are You Feeding Right Food To Your Dog?


We all need good and healthy food, so do our pets. Varied dog food options are available in the market that we get confused about which pet feed we should buy for our dog. Ranging from top brand dog feeds to local supplements, you can find them all.

When it comes to choosing your pet feed, you need to check whether you are providing the best food or not. Sometimes, the best food you give him may cause allergy. Therefore, you need to check various aspects while choosing and feeding your dog. 

Good Quality Food

A premium pet food contains more vitamins, proteins and energy than lower quality food. Moreover, lower quality food contains more quantity of cheaper ingredients, which may cause digestive problems and more stools.

The most common myth found among pet parents about pet food is the overemphasis placed on certain ingredients. The overall balance of the ingredients contained in the food is very much important while certain ingredients refer that the food is of high quality. Until and unless, your pet has not developed any kind of allergy or sensitivity to a particular ingredient, you can provide them all ingredients without emphasizing on particular ingredient or food.

Pet Food Allergies 

Dogs can develop sensitivities or allergies to certain types of food or food ingredients. Let us find out the difference.

According to various vet organizations – “Technically allergies are the body’s immune system reacting to a foreign protein in this case one that is consumed. Food sensitivities are less specific and generally should be considered when the food doesn’t seem to agree with your pet and causes vomiting and/or loose stools.”

Some of the most common signs of pet food allergies seen in animals are scratching, which is accompanied by gastrointestinal signs. The allergic reaction can occur on any part of the body, whereas the most common sign is excessive itching or reddening on your pet’s face and feet. If you find that the symptoms are mild then you can feed your pet a different diet or just change the allergic ingredients present in your pet’s treats. In case, you find the symptoms are severe, you can talk to your veterinarian to help you determine the source of the allergy. In some cases, your vet may put your pet on some prescription diet to relieve the symptoms and help you determine the offending ingredient.

Need of Healthy Diet 

When you provide healthy diet to your dog, you will find that there are numerous benefits of the nutritious diet that can be seen inside out. If your dog is active, and his skin and coat condition is healthy, you are on the right track. Another indication from which you can find out that you are providing nutritious food is the amount of backyard cleanup you are doing. Less and smaller size stool shows that the food is digested properly and your dog is getting all the nutrients.

Well, your dog’s stool size, skin and coat condition and lively behavior indicate you are providing him all the dog nutrition that is required for his healthy state. Whenever you are buying pet food, keep in mind your dog’s life stage and lifestyle, read the ingredients present in the product and then purchase it. If you want to change the food, make the changes gradually by mixing the small amount of new food to the current food and slowly increase the new food over a week.


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