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Top Reasons for Itchy Skin in Pets and Treatment

Have you ever seen your dog itching vigorously or scratching? Wondering what is disturbing him. There are numerous reasons that cause itching and scratching in dogs. Due to this, they can even develop various types of skin conditions.

Moreover, with the change in seasons, pets develop certain seasonal allergies resulting into skin issues. Taking good care of pet skin conditions definitely help you stop your pet itching and scratching. 

Here, we have briefed out some of the common allergies that cause itching problems in dogs. Checking on the related skin care treatment for your pet, you can protect your dog from severe itching and skin conditions.

Itchy skin in pets

Hot spots

Bacterial infection causes hot spots on dog’s skin. This usually develops when a scratch or opening on a skin is exposed to moisture for a long period. It is important to treat hot spots, as it may worsen and spread, when the dog scratches or licks on the infected site. When not treated for a long time, it develops pus and may start to smell.


Clean the wound with antiseptic solution and then spray Dermavet solution. It is quite effective and provides faster relief to your dog wound. If the wound has developed pus, then it is better to show to a vet.

Food Allergies

In some dogs, a certain kind of food component reacts and develops itching and scratching, which is usually accompanied by loose or watery stool. Some dogs may be allergic to poultry, so better switch to meat source to check whether it would be helpful or not.


To identify the source of allergy, start feeding your dog with plain meals (like boiled rice and simple dog food) and stop other items like treats or other kinds of food. Also, avoid table scraps, as they are rich in spices and may be poisonous to dogs.

Once itching is gone, slowly introduce your dog to his normal diet, one by one. When you find a problem ingredient, you can totally remove that food from your dog’s diet.

Skin parasites

Dog itching and scratching may sometimes result from mites, fleas, ticks or other external parasites. Your vet can easily find out this. Depending on the skin condition and the type of parasite, different treatments may be considered.


For flea and tick parasites, Frontline Plus is the best option. If the flea infestation is severe and it is badly affecting your dog’s skin, it is better to visit a vet.

These are few reasons that cause itchy skin in pets. Giving proper treatment can really save them from other diseases. Homeopathic treatment is also one of the best remedies to treat skin problems in pets. With no possible side effects compared to other chemical medications, homeopathic is quite effectual.


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