Top Five Ways To Make Your Pet Healthy And Happy

A New Year brings new resolutions, new plans and new goals for most of us. While we focus a lot on our personal health, success and happiness, many of us tend to forget about our lovely companions, our pets. It’s fortnight into the year and if you have not done so already, than it is time to make a resolution for your pet’s health and happiness this year.

Here, we have devised top five ways that can help you take care of your dog or cat properly and ensure their overall health and happiness.

Ways To Make Your Pet Healthy And Happy

Feed with quality food

Quality-Dog-FoodFor a healthy body and glowing coat, good nutrition is vital. There are many different types of pet feeds such as dry diets, semi-moist or tinned dog food with or without biscuit mixer, and homemade food. Whatever the feeding regime that you opt for, it is important to choose quality food. Always provide them good food products that you trust. A quality diet provides all the vital nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of your pet. While devising a feeding regime of your pet, it is recommended to keep in mind your pet’s special dietary needs, if any.

Keep Your Pets Fit

An increasing number of pets are becoming overweight, either due to lack of concern from the pet parents or laziness in feeding them with proper food. According to Marty Becker – a veterinarian, nearly 50 percent of all pets are obese. This keeps them from being active and makes them prone to a lot of disease.

“If you keep your pets thin, studies show they’ll live 15 percent longer — that’s about two extra years on the average,” Becker said. “I’m not exaggerating when I say that pets almost never come to the veterinarian’s office too thin.”

Therefore, it becomes vital to keep your pets slim and fit, and help them to enjoy this year fully.

Exercise Your Dog

Exercise is as essential for pets as it is for humans for a healthy body. Regular exercise improves the overall health of your pet and keeps them active and energetic. Moreover, it helps them stay slim and fit, reducing that extra flab.

Make exercise an essential part of their daily routine this year and see how they will be running around and playing actively with you.

Never Forget Grooming

For furry pets, grooming is essential, as it keeps them fresh, their body clean and skin glowing. Matted and dirty pets are more prone to skin conditions. They smell bad and even pick up fleas and ticks when not groomed regularly. It can even cause intestinal worms in dogs due to fleas and ticks, which is very dangerous.

In order to prevent skin diseases and mites, take steps to groom them on regular basis. Make sure to follow the full grooming process including bathing, clipping, and dematting, which will help your dog or cat feel great. Keep them all happy this year by following a good grooming procedure.

Proper Veterinary Care

Taking your pet to a veterinarian once in a while is necessary to ensure that it is in good health. Your vet can guide about timely vaccination for your pets, flea treatment for dogs and tick prevention treatment, heartworm medications and deworming treatment for removing intestinal worms in dogs. Following these treatments periodically also helps your pet stay healthy during this year.

These little things, if followed sincerely, are sure to keep your pet healthy and happy. For you, it will mean fewer vet visits and a smiling and active pet.



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