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How To Save On Flea And Tick Treatment – Money Saving Tips

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Like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks have been around for millions of years and are part of the environment. Most pet owners now accept that fleas and ticks are ‘necessary evil’ their pets have to endure. You cannot eliminate them but you can certainly control them. Most pet owners use one or the other brand of flea and tick preventative (mostly topical spot-on treatments applied once a month) now easily available over-the-counter. However, topical spot-on medicines could be a costly affair especially if you…

Own more than one pet,

Manage an animal shelter, or

Work as an animal rescuer

Multiply the cost of a single monthly dose with the number of animals at your home/shelter and then calculate the overall yearly cost. You will know these treatments eat up a substantial amount of funds allocated for pets.

Now if you are using Frontline Plus or Advantage II for Dogs, here are two useful tips on how to save money on these medications. The second tip may seem odd yet is practicable and may save you hundreds of dollars (It does not work with every flea and tick medication though). 

Money Saving Tips On Flea & Tick Products

Buy Vet Supply Online


Do not buy Frontline Plus or Advantage II from your vet or even retails pet shops. Buy only from online sources such as eBay or Amazon. You may find a marked difference in prices.  For example, a 6-pack Frontline Plus box (0-22 lbs) costs approximately $82 online pet supplies store while $61 on Amazon and $43 on eBay (all current prices and subject to change).  You may also find  Frontline Plus Coupons on many sites which you can redeem on future buys (please confirm the veracity of such coupons before buying). You may find similar difference in Advantage II prices.  Moreover, always verify whether quoted rates cover free shipping or not.

Split Dosing

This may sound odd but here is smart way of saving a lot on flea and tick treatment. It works like this:

Compare current eBay prices:

Cost of Frontline Plus 6-pack small dogs (0-22): $43 = $7 per vial; each vial 0.67 ml total 4.02 ml.  Effective cost per ml = $ 11 (43/4.02); makes 6 doses.

Cost of Frontline Plus 6-pack extra large dogs (89-132): $54 = $9 per vial; each vial 4.02 ml total 24.12 ml. Effective cost per ml = 2.25 (54/24.12). Moreover, you may find a 12-pack box at much discounted price further reducing your per ml cost.

All you will need is a clean glass bottle and a syringe. Buy 6-pack extra large dogs and empty all vials in the bottle. This will make:

36 doses for small dogs (24.12 ml / 0.67 ml recommended dose)

18 doses for medium dogs (24.12 ml / 1.34 ml recommended dose)

At the time of application, draw the recommended dose with the syringe and apply on your pet. For exact dosing, mark the syringe at appropriate levels (0.67 or 1.34) and clean it after each use.

While looking for money saving tips, don’t forget to check our rates: Frontline plus for small dogs

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