Dogs Deserve Better group seeks to buy Vick dog fighting property

Dogs Deserve Better rescue group plan to purchase the property that was Michael Vick’s dog fighting facility in order to turn it into a dog rehabilitation sanctuary.

The property is located in Surry County, VA and if bought, the 15 acre grounds would become the aptly named “Good Newz Rehab Center”. The center would include large penned area for dogs to run, many individual pens and a facility to help distressed dogs recuperate. The five bedroom luxury home would be turned into official offices for the group.

$600,000 will need to be raised by 3/20 in order to secure the property and an estimated 3 million in total will be needed for the full renovation. The group from Central Pennsylvania’s founder and CEO, Tamira Thayne stated, ‘our efforts at this time matter, because we recognize that this horrible thing happened, but now let’s turn it into something positive.’ Thayne went on to say that certain parts of the facility would not be built on and would be fenced off as a memorial to the dogs that were lost as a result of Vick’s fighting operation.

Dogs Deserve Better have a Facebook page named ‘999,999 Friends for the DDB Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained Dogs‘ in order to raise funds and awareness for the cause. The theory is that if 999,999 people join and donate just $1.00, then they will be able to afford the property and start work on it soon after. Donations are also being accepted on the Dogs Deserve Better website.


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