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Ask A Vet’s January $100 Prize Winner

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Whopper - Mitch's Golden Retriever pup

Congratulations to Mitch C. De Sevrn Jacquet who won our $100 prize question of the month in January.

Mitch asked

“What is the difference between hair and fur? I was told that dogs that are hypoallergenic like Poodles and Lhaso Apso’s have hair as opposed to fur. We seem to be more sensitive to our Golden Retriever than our Lhaso Apso.”

Our Vet answered

“Chemically there is no difference, hair and fur are from the same chemical ingredient called keratin. The only difference is how we people have learned to use the two words; we call it ’hair’ if it is growing on us and on animals that do not have dense follicles, such as pigs and elephants. We usually call the dense hair that grows on animals such as bears, lions and tigers ’fur’. As our cats and dogs have similarly dense hair, it is commonly referred to as ’fur’. However, lately the fur of companion animals has been called ’coat’ as another term, perhaps in order to underline their role in our life.

It may be that, due to Golden Retrievers naturally having quite a dense coat, he sheds more than your Lhasa Apso. As you probably know, the allergens causing problems in humans are protein from dogs saliva and dander. Breeds that shed less are more likely to be hypoallergenic as they do not spread the allergen as heavily.”

Question of the Month Prize

As the winner of our monthly competition, Mitch wins a $100 prize. If you have a question that you would like our veterinary surgeon to answer, get in touch and ask your pet-related question today.

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