Should I Neuter/Spay My Pet?

spaying or neutering your petOwning a dog or cat is a huge responsibility and an important thing to consider is whether you should neuter or spay your pet. Spaying/neutering is a wise choice and beneficial to their health. If your animal is purely a companion to your family and not to be used specifically for breeding, our resident vet recommends the animal should be neutered/spayed. Sterilizing your animal provides the following health benefits:

Lessens the risk of cancer – Sterilization prevents ovarian, uterine, and testicular cancer in pets and lessens the chance of mammary gland cancer.
Prevents urinary tract infections – This is particularly important for cats as urinary tract disease can be very serious and even fatal for your feline friend.
Can reduce undesirable behavior – Male dogs can have a tendency to roam for a mate, this results in dogs running at large which can be hit by cars or picked up as strays. In dogs, it can also lessen barking and particularly urine marking as they will feel less of a need to defend their territory. Male cats will also be less likely to urine mark their territory and spaying female cats should stop them from yowling, which is their mating call when they’re in heat.
Eradicates female canine menstruation – Female dogs are in heat approximately every six months, which is a messy business as female dogs that are not spayed have a bloody discharge.

Not having your pet sterilized can affect society as well, it is an unfortunate truth that there are hundreds of thousands of animals that are in animal shelters across the world that are in desparate need of a good home. Often these animals are surrendered to the shelter or abandoned because they were bred without a thought spared for their long-term future. Dogs live for around 10-15 years on average and cats live for even longer. Bringing more life into the world is not a decision to be taken lightly when these things are taken to account.

Your dog or cats behavior won’t change in any undesirable way once they are neutered or spayed. He or she will still be the same pet, a little calmer if anything, and once sterilized they will be a happier and healthier member of your family for many years to come.


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