Month: December 2010

Paris Hilton adopts dog

Paris Hilton, having being criticized in the past for purchasing dogs from breeders, adopted her new dog from The Animal Foundation Shelter in Las Vegas. The socialite heiress adopted a sweet Chihuahua named Sid this Wednesday after spending the day volunteering at the shelter. It costs around $150 to adopt a small dog from most … Continue reading Paris Hilton adopts dog


Pet Product Spotlight: Wound-Gard wound spray

Wound-Gard for dogs is an effective anti-septic spray that helps wounds to heal quicker. The bitter taste acts as a deterrant from licking or biting, encouraging wounds (including post-surgical wounds) to heal faster and prevents infection. The liquid formulation comes in a spray bottle that's easy to administer, and its antiseptic solution also promotes healing. … Continue reading Pet Product Spotlight: Wound-Gard wound spray

Antifreeze – great for your engine but lethal to your pets!

Watch out for Antifreeze this Winter whilst you're out on walks with your dog as the solution can be lethal to animals if consumed. Spills of this liquid are common in winter months on driveways as car owners perform engine maintenance. Acute cases of antifreeze poisoning often show as if the animal is intoxicated with … Continue reading Antifreeze – great for your engine but lethal to your pets!

Dog Arthritis and Weight Loss.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 dogs in America are suffering from joint problems. One of the most effective ways of having an immediate improvement to your dog's health and pain management is weight loss, yet it can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. It is often a vicious cycle; your dog … Continue reading Dog Arthritis and Weight Loss.