Paris Hilton adopts dog

Paris Hilton adopts ChihuahuaParis Hilton, having being criticized in the past for purchasing dogs from breeders, adopted her new dog from The Animal Foundation Shelter in Las Vegas. The socialite heiress adopted a sweet Chihuahua named Sid this Wednesday after spending the day volunteering at the shelter. It costs around $150 to adopt a small dog from most shelters, this fee includes immunizations, neutering/spaying, microchip identification and a bag of food.

Paris is now urging her fans on Twitter that if they are thinking of getting a dog or a cat to adopt rather than purchase from breeders – “This Chirstmas if your thinking of getting a dog or cat, get one at your local animal shelter. Save a Life. Don’t Shop, Adopt,” was posted on her Twitter on Thursday.

Sadly, over the Holidays there will be thousands of dogs in the US alone that will be abandoned or signed over by their owners to shelters. If you are looking for a dog or cat this Christmas, we recommend you visit your local animal shelter.


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