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What To Do If You Lose Your Pet

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It’s a pet lover’s worst nightmare but unfortunately having a pet stray is not all that uncommon. If you lose your animal, BudgetPetCare and the Humane Society recommend owners take the following action to help find their animal:

  • Search the neighborhood and hand out pictures if possible. Ask anyone you see if they have recently seen your animal, ask neighbors, mailmen, paperboys, anyone who regularly passes through the area
  • Put up clear, easy to read signs all around your neighborhood including the pet’s breed, age and name with a phone number that someone can be reached on at all times. A reward, no matter how small, is an incentive for people to search for your pet. Even stating $10 reward will help encourage all the neighborhood kids to search high and low for your missing animal
  • Ring animal shelters every day as animals are always coming into shelters and the employees may not remember your case if you only ring the once. Visit local shelters if you are able to and call shelters within a 60 mile radius – it’s surprising how far they can travel in a short period of time
  • Advertise in your local newspapers as they often offer free advertisements for lost animals and you will be able to put more detail in the advert than on the signs. Be prepared for people ringing you trying to scam you out of the reward, ask for a detailed description before you offer them any information. You could even try calling your local radio stations as they might be able to help
  • Go onto USDA’s Missing Pet Network where you can check if your pet is listed and report them as lost

Don’t give up, in some cases pets can be missing for months and then show up. Our following case may provide some hope for owners who are distressed and worry their animal may never come home:

Suki’s Return

Suki - home after a year

After a year since Suki strayed, owner Amy was contacted by a woman who fosters cats informing her there was a cat advertised on Craig’s List that matched Suki’s description.

Someone had found Suki and adopted her until her landlord wanted to remove animals from the building, so she advertised Suki to go to a new home. The woman was informed of the matter and was convinced it was the same cat so she brought her back to Amy. Having been over a year since her disappearance, Amy had been a bit sceptical as she had many people in the past contact her about seeing or having Suki but sure enough, it was her Suki.

Amy advertised her cat countless times both locally and nationally, she even had her own website detailing the incident and what Suki was like. Speaking regularly with the woman who fosters cats in her local area ensured Suki’s safe return, so make sure no stone goes unturned.

Read more about Suki’s story

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