Minnesota Cat Shooter Convicted


On October the 18th, 2010, Ajalon Corcoran was convicted of felony animal cruelty for shooting a cat.

Corcoran shot an 11 year old neighbour’s cat called Sauki, Corcoran claimed he thought the cat was a stray. The defense argued that admitting to the crime preculded a felony conviction.

The Minnesota court agreed that it is indeed animal cruelty to shoot a cat whether or not the defendant thought it was a pet or stray.

This ruling is extremely important for the protection of owned animals. Assistant County Attorny O’Laughlin stated, “Pets are members of people’s families. If the court had held that prosecutors were required to prove that an accused knew the animal was a pet in order for there to be felony consequences, it would have been very difficult to obtain justice in certain
pet-killing cases.”

For more information the full article can be found on the human society’s website.


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