After nearly 12 years, a cat at the Kansas Humane Society has a new home

Michelle - a cat from the Humane Society
Michelle - at the Humane Society

Nearly 12 years ago, a tuxedo cat named Nikki was abandoned at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. On Tuesday the 19th of October, Nikki, renamed Michelle, was finally adopted into a forever home. Her extraordinary extended stay meant Michelle outlasted tens of thousands of other cats in the shelter. After some time at the shelter, she stopped ‘buttering up’ potential adopters. This loss of interest concerned Humane Society workers as first impressions are everything when it comes to animal adoptions.

Dona Corben, her new owner, was instantly drawn to her because she seemed quiet and delicate. She showed no interest in the playful kittens as they were ‘cute’ but she wanted an older cat. Before Michelle left, the Humane Society let volunteers and employees bid the feline a bittersweet farewell. We wish Dona and Michelle all the best.

If you could offer an animal a loving, forever home please go to the Human society for more information.

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