Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game

A brand new board game featuring Meatball the dog and Spaghetti the cat has been launched that helps to teach children about animal rescue and adoption.

Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game is played by landing on spaces on the board and operating a pet rescue center, teaching kids about the aspects required to run and operate an animal and pet rescue center.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each board game will be given back to animal rescue groups.
Carianne Burnley, who developed the game is familiar with running a pet rescue center – she is on the board (excuse the pun!) of her local humane society in Ohio, and has a long history in working with rescued animals, and usefully, also has a background in business and marketing.

Commenting on the board game, Carianne said, “I want people to learn more about animal rescue. So, my goal would be to get at least a small percentage of people out there to choose animal rescue the next time they go get a pet”.

For more information about Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game, see http://www.zootoo.com/petnews/teachingkidsaboutanimalrescue-1707


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