Pet News Roundup

Pet Owners Concerned About Law Change

Animal owners are concerned about changes to the law regarding how pets are treated by their owners, reports

The report says that one of the most controversial issues that was contained within the proposal is the categorization of potential dangerous dogs.

It also proposes that every vet will need to sell a $20 city licence for every pet that is given a rabies shot – and from January every new pet will need a microchip for identification.

The proposal will also see a limit placed on ‘backyard breeding’, something of a concern for legitimate breeders.

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MoCity Offers Free Pet Registration

Missouri City pet owners are being encouraged to take their pets to Missouri City Animal Control division between 10am – 4pm on August 14th for free registration.

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Pet Owners without tags face losing their dogs reports that anyone who does not buy dog tags for their pet could face a fine, as well as losing their dog.

Mineral County Commissioner Assessor Rose Ann Maine has reminded pet owners that Mineral County residents should pay $3 per dog for a county licence, or $6 if they live in one of the municipalities.

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Pet Health Insurance popularity rises

USA Today has reported that despite the economic downturn, pet owners are still making sacrifices in order to ensure that their pets are covered by health insurance.

Owners of dogs and cats are increasingly taking out insurance for more extreme health issues, such as kidney transplants to hip replacements to help improve their health and wellbeing in elderly or ailing pets.

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