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Popantel for Cats – Pet Med Spotlight

Popantel for cats

Popantel for cats

Popantel for cats is a complete allwormer tablet that is used to control and treat gastrointestinal worms in cats and kittens.

Manufactured by Jurox, a major veterinary pharmaceuticals company in Australia, its active ingredient is Praziquantel 50mg.

It is available to buy to treat all species of gastrointestinal worms, including tapeworm, hookworm and roundworm.

A single tablet of Popantel will treat an 11lb (4kg) cat, and it may be combined with other treatments, especially heartworm prevention and flea/tick medication.

The Popantel treatment offers gentle but very effective control of worms.

Directions of use

Before administering a dose of Popantel, ensure that you weigh your cat before commencing treatment.  Popantel should be given to your cat or kitten as a single dose orally on an empty stomach.

Kittens and cats that weigh less than 5lbs should be given half a tablet.  The tablet is scored in quarters to ensure accurate doses can be given to small cats and kittens.

Administer the dose every two weeks from two weeks old until the age of 12 weeks, then monthly after three months until six months, then every three months when your cat reaches adulthood.

Popantel Side Effects

Side effects for Popantel are rare when the correct dose is given to your cat or kitten, and has been approved for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats.

Where Can I Buy Popantel?

Popantel Allwormer Tablets for Cats can be bought at discount prices from our online store at budgetpetcare.com for as little as $3.67 per tablet.  Our sale is now on, meaning that you can save an extra 5% on all products – use the coupon code BPC50 when you buy Popantel for Cats.

Buy popental

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