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Ask A Vet Question of the Month Winner

Question of the month

Question of the month

The winner of May’s Ask A Vet feature on BudgetPetCare.com has been announced – congratulations go to Judy Thompson who asked:

A rep from frontline told me that you could use a small dog supply and and divide it 3 ways to use on three cats. He said it would not hurt and be less expensive and we could keep all our cats protected. Is this true and what size would I use to get the right amount. These cats are inside cats.

Our in-house vet answered:

Frontline Plus has the same ingredients for cats and dogs but the quantity is different between the two species. Both products, Frontline for cats and Frontline for Dogs, have fipronil and S-methoprene as their active ingredients. As you probably know fipronil is a powerful insecticide which will kill all fleas and ticks, and S-methoprene is a growth hormone regulator...

To read the full answer click here.

$100 Winner of the Month

As the winner of our monthly competition, Judy wins a $100 prize.  If you have a question that you’d like our veterinary surgeon to answer, get in touch and ask your pet-related question today.


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